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Welcome to the Kuna Seventh-day Adventist Church website.  I am Jim Bollin, the Pastor of the Kuna church and I want you to know that we are a family friendly, diverse group covering a wide spectrum of age, culture, profession, and background, but we have on thing in common, our faith.  We believe in the good news of salvation through faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who out of love, has brought us into His family, the Kingdom of God.  That common foundation moves us along life’s journey in grace, love, and acceptance as we anticipate the soon return of Jesus with joy.

We hope that Kuna will be a place you can call home.  Home for worship, for spiritual growth, for fellowship, for prayer and healing, and a place you can serve others with the gifts He has given you. Let us know how we can help you in your journey home.

Jim Bollin


Hill Griggs

Head Elder

Patty Griggs

Board Chair

Tonja Kromrei.jpg
Gary Crawford

Finance Chair

Richard Robinson 

Head Deacon 

Tonja Kromrei

Head Deaconess

Our ministry Team

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